Products: Solar Panel Monitoring
Off-Grid Solar Power Charge Station (Model SPCS240-12-G)

Solar PV Panel Smart Junction Box PCB Unit is a PCB level product, which can fit most Solar PV panel Junction Box upgrade to intelligent control and monitoring requirement. It is networked by 2.4GHz Zigbee Wireless and integrated to a system with Gateway Unit, Emergency Stop Units.

Photovoltaic Rapid shutdown equipment
Zigbee wireless communication
Resistor is less than 5 mΩ (MOSFET 4.2 mΩ) When output is turn on
[Need understand the requirement for Flash and EL test]
Pb-free and RoHS compliant

Operating Ratings:
Input voltage: 8V – 70VDC
Minimum input voltage for start work: 9V
Minimum input voltage for stop work: 8V
Maximum input current: 12ADC
Maximum Input Power: 600W
Output voltage turn on mode: Input voltage – DC current x 5mΩ
Output voltage shut down mode: -0.85V maximum
Delay to Shutdown time: <10 sec, when off instruction send
<10 min, when Zigbee communication lost

Absolute Maximum Ratings:
Maximum input voltage range: 75VDC
Maximum input current: 15ADC
Maximum Sub-string voltage: 25VDC
Storage Temperature Range: -40 to + 125°C
Flammability Rating: UL94 V-0
Flash Test-Turn ON the Circuit need Time: TBD
Flash test-Turn On the Circuit continuous Time: TBD

Thermal Characteristics:
Diode: -55 - + 175°C
MOSFET: -55 - + 175°C
Zigbee: -40 - +125°C
ICs: -40 - +125°C
Inductors: -40 - +125C
Other components: -40 - +125C

Mechanical Characteristics:
Length: mm
Width: mm
Height: mm
Weight: g