Technical Services
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Coolumen provides services in the following areas:
  • Design, product testing and design troubleshooting of power converters (DC to DC, AC to DC, DC to AC) for different types of applications
  • Consulting in energy system design
  • Design, product testing and design troubleshooting of stand-alone and grid-connected Solar-PV energy system
  • System level plan, layout and equipment selection
  • Magnetic design, PCB layout design for novel power applications
  • Consulting in IoT platform design and development for remote monitoring and control of Solar-PV system
Consulting projects by Coolumen:
  • 500W Solar charger and off gird AC power source system with payment gateway (Africa)
  • 22kW green energy system design (Canada)
  • Ultra low energy harvester design and testing for Sacrificial Anode based Cathodic Protection system for underground water pipes (Ottawa City, Canada)
  • Consulting for Solar-PV Battery Charger solution (Bangladesh)